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    Jun 2002
    Jan 2, 2004, 3:50 AM - Interchangeable Blaster #1

    I got the inspiration for this from a fellow TDH member.
    It started off as an ESB blaster, but I made an ROTJ barrel that I can swap over any time I want.
    The main part of it is a toy gun from a local "Reject" shop, with a rifle stock etc added to it.
    OK I realise that the scope's probably a bit large, but it was the only type that my Bro-in-law...(he owns a hunting and fishing store)...had in his junk pile...(he came in handy for the stock too.
    Look in the "Blaster" folder at

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  3. DarthBish's Avatar
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    Jun 2002
    Jan 4, 2004, 1:48 AM - Re: Interchangeable Blaster #2

    course.......I'll be happy to answer any questions
  4. Member Since
    Feb 2003
    Jan 4, 2004, 10:24 AM - Re: Interchangeable Blaster #3

    dude, i got some questions on your costume, ( if thats a pic of you in your avatar).....please pm me.....
  5. Yroc Yar's Avatar
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    Sep 2002
    Jan 7, 2004, 10:19 AM - Re: Interchangeable Blaster #4

    dude , that's not a bad idea at all . i think i will make an rotj attachment for mine today .
  6. Member Since
    Nov 2003
    Jan 7, 2004, 1:50 PM - Re: Interchangeable Blaster #5

    Excellent idea! ...writes a note in his ever expanding Fett journal...

    Your blaster looks great.

  7. Well Paid Killer's Avatar
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    Jul 2002
    Jan 7, 2004, 5:02 PM - Re: Interchangeable Blaster #6

    I'm pretty sure this is how this one has been constructed as well...
  8. DarthBish's Avatar
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    Jun 2002
    Jan 7, 2004, 6:55 PM - Re: Interchangeable Blaster #7

    It IS, by George....
    That's the one I got the idea from....(that's what I love about this board, soooo many ideas. It's great)

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