I got my sweep arm with Squirrel Hair!

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    I got my sweep arm with Squirrel Hair!

    So, I just got my new jetpack from FS and needed some parts. And guess what came on ebay? A sweep arm! The best part from the auction "[FONT=Helvetica]It's in excellent condition, all the adjusters work smoothly and there's plenty of life in the brush - I believe that's genuine squirrel hair." Squirrel hair?!?! I see them all the time and never thought to myself, their tail would clean my albums like nothing else! [/FONT] No I will not be trooping with the real part on my jetpack. It will most likley be a cold cast copy. [FONT=Helvetica]


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    Re: I got my sweep arm with Squirrel Hair!


    pm me how to search for that part on ebay if you dont mind

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