Human hair wookiee braid...

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    Human hair wookiee braid...

    well, I cut my hair...

    At first I didn' t want it, then when it was done I actually kind of liked it. The reactions around me were quite good... basically saying why the heck I didn' t do that any sooner... so... basically they' re telling me I looked like an idiot for years... thanks...

    but anyways, the hair went off... call me weird, call me stupid... call me dirty... I don't know, the hair was washed, so it is clean. I just couldn' t resist...

    but well... enough talk:

    here's MY braid...

    ofcourse... it's about the red/blond one... maybe over a few decades I' ll add the grey one...

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    Re: Human hair wookiee braid...

    I thought about doing this with the braid I kept of my hair. Glad to see I'm not the only one.

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    Re: Human hair wookiee braid...

    Looks great man! Maybe we should get someone that works at a hair salon to start making these for us!


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    Re: Human hair wookiee braid...

    I thought about that too man. The thing with that, at least here in the States I don't know about other countries, is the Locks of Love program. Most folks that get any considerable length cut off send it in fot that, and I really don't blame them it's a good cause. That's what I did with the large braid in my profile pic. I only kept a small portion.

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