Hope my EBS Fett looks ok.

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    Hope my EBS Fett looks ok.

    I'm already a custom Merc and BH 2950 (ESB Boba), but wanted TDH opinions as well. I have already done upgrades since I got approved and eyeing two or three more. We did a TV appearance and it looked sharp on HD!



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    Re: Hope my EBS Fett looks ok.

    If it was me Id fix the vest its to big, shouldnt cover much more then the armor does below the ab plate, its pretty clean as well dirty up the flight suit a little, also looks like you have no neck in the first pic, not sure if its the pose or not, and not sure if its the flash or not but the yellows look off to bright even, this could be lighting though....and by no means does it look bad at all. These things are stuff Id like to see fixed to make it perfect really. To the everyday joe this suit is epic great job so far.

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    Re: Hope my EBS Fett looks ok.

    Looks good... Might wanna buy a mich pad and drop it in the dome of your bucket. You'll end up with a bit of the mandible blocking your vision, but it looks alot better from the outside.

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    Re: Hope my EBS Fett looks ok.

    Thanks for sharing....cool video to watch while eating breakfast!

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    Re: Hope my EBS Fett looks ok.

    Thanks guys! I think my thicker frame doesn't help all the issues you guys brought up. I got a full set of MICH pads in my dome, even have two different types. I never thought about the vest being too long. I trusted Ladysewforus and think it's a 95% solution. Maybe fold the bottom up inside and safety pin it?

    I black misted the vest with Ultra Flat black, but not as much as I prob should. Any other tips on dirtying it up? Same with the neck seal of course. As for the yellows being to bright, I do agree. I plan on hitting it with a few more coats of flat clear coat. I used the rattle can guides for the paint, so the colors are fairly screen accurate, but not perfect. Maybe in a few months I'll pay one of the great painters here...I have an airbrush, but I'm a novice at best.

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    Re: Hope my EBS Fett looks ok.

    gymbeau2000 said: View Post
    Maybe fold the bottom up inside and safety pin it?

    Yes. I did this with mine and its worked so far. My older armor set was longer and when I got my newer armor set a few years ago, the bottom of the vest was suddenly too short, so I folded the bottom edge up and safety pinned it. Here's how it looks currently:


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