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    I need some help. I'm trying to make some armor; I have never done this before. It would be like Boba or Jango's armor with out the jet pack or any weapons for now.
    My main question is what type of metal do you guys think I should use that's mildly light but protective?

    Ps. Sorry if it's in the wrong place.
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    Thanks but what kind of metal should I use that is light but also protective.
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    Quote Dralkote T. Beskarborad said: View Post
    Thanks but what kind of metal should I use that is light but also protective.
    Protective from what? bullets? blasters? paper clips? Airsoft? Paintballs? UV rays? Its not a very helpful statement.

    Without any more input I would have to say use aluminum or mild steel sheet. Copper, brass, and bronze sheets are expensive and if you are asking about metals I would assume you don't have any armorsmithing experience with metal. It would prove frustrating and expensive for you to try to be honest. The equipment requirements are pretty hefty and the learning curve is steep. I would never tell you not to try it, but I do warn you that its a tough and frustrating way to start. You might be best starting with the traditional materials (traditional on this board at least) and build your costume to start, then go back later and upgrade to metal parts as you are able to acquire or build them. You may never complete a costume and quit the whole thing before you get there.

    I wish the best of luck if you try. I honestly think your best bet is to stick to the plastic materials.

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    I'm looking for a metal that can help protect from both bullets and knives. I'm going to have a bullet proof vest undernieth it.