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    Jan 13, 2013, 9:07 AM - Halloween Boba Fett - Made thanks to everyone at TDH! #1


    Apologies - I have been a long time lurker on TDH and not actually posted anything! Thats only because all my questions had already been asked and answered - Long Live the Search Function!

    Anyways - here is the Boba Fett I made for Halloween and some Han In Chocolate I did to take with me (made from the ice cube trays you can get).

    Thanks to Wizard of Light for the Armour templates! I made mine from cardboard and paper mache - then painted using the numerous helpful guides on TDH

    Thanks to Bobamaker for the Helmet, flight suit, gloves, spats and flak jacket

    Thanks to Woodman for the cape, wookie braids and girth belt

    The other parts (gauntlets, boots, belt) I managed to get from ebay - not the best quality but you get what you pay for! The gauntlets needed the most work - they had been painted with a brush and a really bright red, then random blobs of silver paint added! All I could do was dirty them up a bit!

    As you will notice there are no shin tools or jet pack - my paper mache skills and budget did not extend to making those ....... at the moment!

    Also the lack of chest lights - I cheated and put on a Union Jack and Colombian flag - I'm currently posted to Bogota. Colombia ...... seemed to go down well with the locals even if most of them had no idea who I was supposed to be!

    Anyways - thank you everyone at TDH for helping me with this costume - having never done anything like this before I could not have done it with out your help, advice and prop building skills!

    I will be completing the costume (proper armour, shin tools and jet pack) once I have the funds!

    Kind regards,

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    Jan 13, 2013, 1:52 PM - Re: Halloween Boba Fett - Made thanks to everyone at TDH! #2

    Nice job. Sounds like you got the gauntlets from the Rubie's costume. I opened the box for that at my local costume shop and was appalled at the paintjob. I also recognize the ammo belt pouches. I just replaced those (costumebase, I believe) on my Fett last month. I know some Mandos still use those. Looks like you did a good job painting. Once you find some sintra, it should be easy for you to replace your armor with something more durable. Don't know where you'd get it in Columbia, but here, Artist and Craftsman seems to be the cheapest. In store, it's half the price of their website.

    This is the approach I took to building my Fett: get something wearable and "good enough" for Halloween, then upgrade as you can. It's not the way most people recommend, but I'd never be at the level of quality I am now if I'd waited til I could afford/build 100% accurate parts. I probably would have given up after the Helmet!

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