Guantlet Hose Placement

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    Guantlet Hose Placement

    Hello all,

    Simple question. Where, and How are you guys attaching the other end of the guantlet hoses once the go up the sleeve of the flight suit?

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    Re: Guantlet Hose Placement

    velcro... on the tubing and in the sleeve

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    Re: Guantlet Hose Placement

    Simple enough.... .

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    Re: Guantlet Hose Placement

    Batninja posted a pic on this thread...

    You'll have to go through to post #87...

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    Re: Guantlet Hose Placement

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    Re: Guantlet Hose Placement

    I did mine the same way as both of you guys. I used a tie wrap instead of a bolt to attach all 3 hoses together, than 1 of the those small climbers clips to attach the tie wrap to the elastic up my sleeve. I needed something easy, so someone could do it for me, once I have my vest and armor on I can't reach my elastic......

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    Re: Guantlet Hose Placement

    Caomhanach said: View Post
    You'll have to go through to post #87...
    You can just post the quote# as a link:

    Takes you right to it!

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    Re: Guantlet Hose Placement

    This is how i did it.

    1. Purchase keychains (or atleast the metal ring, or any metal ring), Carbine hooks, elastic bands, nuts & bolts and a "metal hoop" ( see pics below)

    2. Loop the elastic band through the keyring and attatch it under the sleve of the jump suit.

    3. Drill a hole through the tubing and put a bolt through the hole as well as the hoop and put a Carbine on the hoop.

    4. After you have put on your gauntlet clipp the carbine hooks onto the keyrings hidden under the sleave..

    5. Go troop and enjoy..

    The metal hoop looks in real life like this.. --> link
    Usually found near the marina and boating supplies.

    *** EDIT ***
    Kinda like RBF.. but with some differenses..
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