Got my armor - need some direction!

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    Got my armor - need some direction!

    Well, I got my first set of armor yesterday and I'm ready to lay into it. I have a couple questions though before I get started. First, where can I find ABS Glue? The knee pads will require some assembly and I want to make sure it holds. IF ABS glue isn't used, what is something that will work? Also, I realize assembly will vary depending on who made it, but is there a general set of instructions - like a rule of thumb guide - to putting it together? Thanks in advance for your input!

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    Re: Got my armor - need some direction!

    There are several different armor makers, so it may be helpful to know the source of your gear.

    For strong bonds, you can use a 2-part epoxy. I've used JB Weld and JB Kwik with great results. If the pieces to be bonded are very smooth, just roughen them up a bit with some sandpaper on the mating surfaces.

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    Re: Got my armor - need some direction!

    My bad -its Richies Armor. (i guess that would be helpful) I'm guessing that some sort of scoring where the two pieces meet would help it bond better. In particular, the knee pads are what need assembled and I've got that figured out. I just need the bond to hold.

    But then assembling the neck and back pieces is where I get a little confused.

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    Re: Got my armor - need some direction!

    the collar and back plates don't go together permanantly, cuz otherwise you can't get into your armor. they bolt together on the shoulders, as do the cod and kidney plate.

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    Re: Got my armor - need some direction!

    I figured on using snaps for the butt plate and cod. And I found some threads for the collar and back plate so I think I'll be ok at this point.

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