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    Aug 15, 2004, 6:44 PM - Merged: Re: finished gloves and ammo pouches. #151

    Wal-Mart. They are Grey Leather work gloves. They are the only ones that I have ever seen though. I was origanally going to make them out of cloth, but could not find a good base glove. tried bleaching various work gloves. they did not even begin to change after 12 hours in allmost straight bleach. So when I found the leather ones that is what I went for. I know not quite movie perfect. But much more durable.

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    Sep 16, 2004, 5:55 PM - Merged: StarFortress gloves #152

    Does anyone own a pair of StarFortress Fett gloves? They look pretty nice on their website, but it's hard to tell with the poor quality image. Anyone have better pictures or some info about them?

    My apologies if this has already been discussed somewhere, but nothing came up in my search.

  4. hansoloway's Avatar
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    Sep 16, 2004, 8:23 PM - Merged: Re: StarFortress gloves #153

    If they're the same as the old prop palace gloves, they're made of vinyl. Not very accurate (or comfortable in hot weather).

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