Hello There! (Obi Wan Style)

Before we begin let me introduce myself, My Name is Nat and I'm currently shooting a fan film in Georgia called Deadpool Vs Black Panther. Now we decided in late game that we wanted a Boba Fett in this film. At the beginning we were in talks about introducing the Infamous Bounty Hunter but we never went for it until now.... I have been searching all through the world wide web, posted on forums to find our Boba... I have already sent messages to two cosplayers and no word yet. I have found an impressive Darth Vader (Who is interested in playing a role for a future project.)... But no Boba has been found.... So I ask you... Members of The Dented Helmet forums... Is there a Boba Fett Cosplayer in Georgia who would like to play and share their Boba Fett and join us in this venture of Awesomeness! Down below you will find a link to our trailer and I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.

Email: Kyuzoza@gmail.com