gauntlets! help! HELP!

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    gauntlets! help! HELP!

    um the gauntlets layout on the mando site they are waaaaaay to smalls the pdf file is messed up or somthing. anyone have the proper size tutorial for the left and right gauntlets ?

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    Re: gauntlets! help! HELP!

    have u tried resizing the print image? check that u may need to scale it larger..

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    Re: gauntlets! help! HELP!

    The gauntlet templates are intended to print out on standard 8.5"X11" & A4 size paper so you need to set Acrobate to printout using the "Fit to printable area" option in the page handling section of hte print menu.

    Also ,ake sure you have the correct templates for your your paper 8.5"X11" or A4 size.

    If you are still having problems let me know.


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