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    Hello, I'm new on here and have a few questions. You guys probably get tons of messages about this, and you'll probably hate me for this, but where can i get a pair of gauntlets? I need some web adresses, because i have found that ebay just won't do. i don't have the money to bid on something like that. i'm not doing a boba or jango costume, i'm doing a custom mandolorian one. but any great quality gauntlets will do. i will also need help with the electronics and stuff on them, so..........

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    Re: Gauntlets


    Although we may not hate you for asking this, you can probably find the answers your looking for through a few quick Searches using the search Feature.

    You'll probably find refrence to Ruffkin Gauntlets, which a lot of members here on the boards use.

    Also, take a look in the Cargo Bay for deals from Members. I just scored an awesome pair of Gauntlets from in there for pretty cheap considering, so its always worth a look.

    But if your looking for a surefire way to get people to like you, use the Search Feature ^_^.

    from one Newbie to Another,

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    Re: Gauntlets

    Keep your eyes peeled on the cargo hold, something always pops up there. There are a couple people who make kits. Search for for the words "gauntlets" and "kit". Is against board policy to openly name the makers though. If you really need names, drop me a private message.


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    Re: Gauntlets

    thanks guys. i'll keep my eyes peeled.

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    Re: Gauntlets

    PM Ruffkintoy.

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