gauntlet weathering

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    gauntlet weathering

    I've seen many posts about weathering the body armor but none on weathering the gauntlets. I'm doing PVC gauntlets so dents probably wont work. Any help would greatly be appreciated

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    Re: gauntlet weathering

    There aren't any "dents" per se on the gauntlets. There are the square indentations on the bottom of the shells (3 on the left and 4 on the right ) which could be replicated by cutting out the square completely, then gluing a thinner flat piece of plastic on the insides.

    As for actual "weathering," that is done with various paint techniques which could be applied to any pair of gauntlets.

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    Re: gauntlet weathering

    weathering the gauntlets wil be the same as the body armor, use chalk dust, thin black washs black misted paint etc....


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