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    Aug 28, 2007, 5:46 AM - Gauntlet switches (right) #1

    I found the thread about the rotary switches and was wanting to know if anybody could post some pics of what they look like installed.

    From what I see lately most everybody is using toggle switches, but I don't know...those just don't look Star Warsy enough to me.

    Another question is...are these only present on the pre-pro and ESB gauntlet or were they also there on the ROTJ gauntlet? I know that the exhibit pics show nothing there (except holes) and it doesn't really make sense that they would have removed them for any reason.

    So please someone post some good closeups if you have the rotary switches installed and also maybe how much they should stick out of the gauntlet.


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    Aug 28, 2007, 7:09 AM - Re: Gauntlet switches (right) #2

    I'm using (2) toggle switches in mine, for the Remote Servo inside my helmet with raises and lowers my Range FInder via the switches. I had first installed push-buttion, momentary switches, but I didn't like the way that they looked. I'll post some pics tonight after work.

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