Gauntlet Hose Connector

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    Gauntlet Hose Connector

    Could anyone offer me my options when it comes to making the hose connectors? I'm scratch building SE gaunts from WOF's templates but I'm unsure how to get hold of these greebles. Halp.

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    Re: Gauntlet Hose Connector

    Home Depot plumbing area

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    Re: Gauntlet Hose Connector

    I couldn't find the right diameter on their by-the-foot rolls of tubing. Instead, I bought one of their kitchen sink spray wand sets. The hose is about the right size.

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    Re: Gauntlet Hose Connector

    Jesuit24 said: View Post
    Could anyone offer me my options when it comes to making the hose connectors? I'm scratch building SE gaunts from WOF's templates but I'm unsure how to get hold of these greebles. Halp.
    Read more here ==> ROTJ Gauntlet Hose.

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    Re: Gauntlet Hose Connector

    Right now I'm looking for the hose connectors rather than the hose itself (although those hose options will come in useful). I'm in the UK, so Home Depot, Lowes, etc won't ship to me. I've had a look in Wickes and B&Q, but nothing quite looks right.

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    Re: Gauntlet Hose Connector

    D'you mean the sticky-out remnants of the connectors on the side of the right gauntlet? Or the connector attaching the hose to the rocket on the left gauntlet?


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    Re: Gauntlet Hose Connector

    The two right gauntlet nubs. I plan to stick with the on screen version rather than the promo version. I found the pieces listed here on TDH on Home Depot's online store (with a different make of pipe coupling), but there's no international shipping option. I found a listing on ebay for 5 flare nuts but they're rather overpriced when the shipping comes into it.

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    Re: Gauntlet Hose Connector

    If you can find three 1/8" close nipples (no, I'm not making that up) and two 1/8" straight couplings to match, and two 1/4" flare nuts, and a bit over a foot of 1/4" brass or steel tubing, and some more brass or steel tubing that fits snug over the 1/4" stuff, and a small tubing/pipe cutting tool, you're most of the way there. These are the parts I got from my local hardware store:

    You should be able to find something quite close to that -- standard or metric -- locally. Here's how they line up to the originals (I used the laser caliper dots to scale the picture up to 1:1):

    I cut one of the nipples in half and screwed those bits into the "downstream" ends of the two couplers, cut and ground to the right length, glued a bit of the larger tubing over the 1/4" stuff, and that gives a nice enough fit for the epoxy to secure the whole thing to the tubing once you're done. The other two nipples get shortened a bit -- as you can see from the last picture above, they're a bit too long out of the pack. Once you've got it all the right length and glued together, you can paint them in an appropriate steel/aluminum/whatever metallic finish.


    [ETA: If you can't find this stuff locally, or anything equivalent/better, PM me and we can sort out having me snag some and send it to you.]

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