Gauntlet Dart Makers?

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    Gauntlet Dart Makers?

    Which member(s) have these available on an ongoing basis? Mojo-Fett or others?

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    Re: Gauntlet Dart Makers?

    definitely look up Mojo. Hell take care of you.

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    Re: Gauntlet Dart Makers?

    Mojo-Fett is your best bet. Also the most accurate available.Havent seen him around in a few weeks, but im sure he'll be back.

    ...and Russ-rep..sedcond best out there..although..i havent seen Russ-rep on here in a long while, but they do have a website.
    RB Replicas

    Gabe/evolution on e-bay has them as well, but they arent spot on, good in a pinch.

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    Re: Gauntlet Dart Makers?

    i may be able to offer gauntlet darts in the future.

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    Re: Gauntlet Dart Makers?

    Thanks for the prompt replies and suggestions. Very helpful...

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