Gauntlet closure

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    Gauntlet closure

    I made my gaunlets out of sintra, I used piano hinges for the hinge and I have industrial velcro for the closure.

    I am not happy with the velcro though. It is to difficult to get a good close because the velcro attaches as soon as it comes in contact with itself. I made my gauntlets tight so it isn't easy to get my hand inside to help attach the velcro either. My gauntlets do not overlap they close flush.

    Has anyone used a different closure system that they find works any better.

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    Re: Gauntlet closure

    Can you insert a piece of cardboard or something,that way the velcro does not touch.Then pull the cardboard out when you get the 2 pieces where you want them.

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    Re: Gauntlet closure

    haha... good solution, slave1pilot!

    The other challenge is getting OUT of them. The velcro
    on my gauntlets is so strong that I get nervous about breaking
    them everytime I take them off. Still, it seems like one
    of the best closure methods from what I've seen and heard.

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