Functional \'\'ammo boxes\'\' Tutorial/Pics......

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    Functional ''ammo boxes'' Tutorial/Pics......

    Ok everyone, I have been asked numerous times if I can provide a tutorial on how to make boxes for a functional ammo belt. I made my ammo belt boxes from aluminum sheet metal. I just simply folded a flat pattern into a box with my bare hands and simple tools. Let me remind everyone that these functional ammo boxes were made using the same patterns from another Board members free ammo belt patterns ''not mines''. This is simply a quick tutorial I put together for everyone to see and have an idea of how I made mines. The rest is up to whom ever wants to make their own.

    Note: I used a colored sheet metal to avoid flash for the pics. The aluminum sheet metal can be found at almost any Hardware store.

    Click here for pics and tutorial

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    Re: Functional ''ammo boxes'' Tutorial/Pics......

    Hey, cool tutorial man. Think I might have to try that. Thanx for sharing bud BTW, which pattern are you using for these?

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    Re: Functional ''ammo boxes'' Tutorial/Pics......

    PM sent

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    Re: Functional ''ammo boxes'' Tutorial/Pics......

    Thanks for doing this. Very nice tutorial photos!

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