Full set of armor assistnace

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    Full set of armor assistnace

    Hello all,
    I was laying in bed one day, after an airsoft war thinking to myself, "man, wouldn't it be cool to have a completely original set of armor to wear when i airsoft?" so, after searching and thinking and changing my mind numerous times, i have found the armor i want to use. Boba Fett's armor. I like his armor more because it fits the area we play in, with the green and stuff. I'm not really sure how to go bout this, as i don't have very much extra money floating around, though i have extra time. I'm not to worried about paint and weathering, seen as I'll be getting shot at, but i would like to make the armor out of metal. also, for anyone that has the helmet, hows the line of sight out of it? Any suggestions, recommendations for cost, and anything else is much appreciated. Thanks all,

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    Re: Full set of armor assistnace

    Costs of an Authentic Boba Fett Armor: around 3000-4000$

    Cost of an individualized Mandalorian Armor - Metalplated and suited for your type of "Genre" - Around 150-400$

    I think this Mando might appeal to your kidn of activity https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.n...75434276_n.jpg

    What you have to keep in mind - you want an Armor, not a custome. A lot of the guys here are mainly focused of making movieaccurate costumes - But there is always a twist between authentic and ergonomic What fits you and keep you mobile is not actually screenakkurate and what is screenakkurate is not always fun to wear. ^^

    You want to knee, prone, run, jump and take aim for effect. So you - for example - dont want those tiny Boba Kneeplates some Propmakers sell, made out of Fiber - that will crack due the Muscelexpansion while kneeing.
    You also dont want to repair and reattach your Armor plates every time in the middle of a game - so you need Plates that are shaped around your body and a solid - and also flexile - Body attachment like elastic Rubberstraps or Leather.

    The Visorline is very finde but aiming with a Rifle is complicated. The frontneckline of the helmet will stuck to your Chest when trying to aim over the Iron sight - so you can scrap the accurate aiming with the buttstock pressed to the shoulder and go more like Gears-of-War; no Buttstock and gun just lifted up. Nevr heard that Airsofts had a Recoil to mess with ^^
    Also You cant look upwards (or in front when you lay in cover) because the neckline of the helmet will hack in your neck. (A thing that customisation can fix).

    Btw. if you go metal you wont be silent anymore - so you can scrap the Stealth-BS

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    Re: Full set of armor assistnace

    Thanks! I would have never thought about all the stuff to account into efect of how well the suit will work with me using it like that. So i should almost just get a military setup, then add the armor and helmet and such?

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    Re: Full set of armor assistnace

    well thats the simpliest way. ^^

    You just can get yourself some plastik or metal plates and attach them to your military kit - and its totaly ok, but please dont come to the idea and visit a convention with this - unless you want to get lower then this "speznaz mandalorian" guy that spams countinously every group on DeviantArt Company to Arms by ~Ghost141 on deviantART

    It depends on you how authentic you wanna go. If you take your time and look for the many references of Mandalorian Warriors within the Internet you may get the Idea that you can get a Compromise.
    I mean a good flexile Armor - battle ready that also represents a well made custom Mandalorian Costume.

    Hell, my mainkit consists softparts from seven nation armies and i can do alot stuff like sprint, Benchpressing, Push-ups, Kneeing - But the main think is, people still recognize my kit as a well made mandalorian Armor in the first place and not some wanna-be-mando military kit.

    Just aim for a more spacy and futuristic look when shopping for boots and vest and your good to go ^^

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