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    Aug 28, 2002, 11:38 PM - FOUND PART!!! Right Gauntlet switches #1

    With some help from some other board members (Tyler Durden and Fettcicle). I think I found a previously undiscovered part to Boba Fett's costume. On the right and left Pre-pro gauntlets and the right ESB gauntlet there was believed to be several "toggle" switches. Myself and a few others never believed that "toggle" switches were used. What I beleive to be used was a 1/8" shaft rotary switch with the knob removed. I was able to locate some vintage Grayhill rotary switches at a surplus electronics store. I then took those switches and compared them with Fettcicles gauntlets. Which are one of a kind scratchbuilt pre-pro set. And they are most accurate gauntlets I've seen. The first collage of pics are from the chronicles showing the locations on the different suits. The second collage are my switches laying on fettcicles gauntlets (No I wasn't going to drill holes in his gauntlets to test this out, I think the pics are clear enough). Those of you with the Boba Fett Ref CD should be able to find the pics I used for comparison and can blow them up accordingly for a closer view. In several pics you can see the change in coloration where the end of the rotary shaft has a flat milled on it for mounting and retaining a knob. Sorry ROTJ guys your suit has some "potholes" where these switches go (check out close-ups of the right gauntlet at MOM). -Mark

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    Aug 29, 2002, 12:09 AM - Re: New Boba Fett Gauntlet Part Discovery !!! #2

    Ya know, I was wondering what happened to those after the prop party Can I have them back now

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