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    Does anyone know if this will work? And if you have tryed it can you post a pic?


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    Re: Flightsuit?

    I am a bit confused as to what you're asking here... If what will work?

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    Re: Flightsuit?

    Pretty sure he meant to post a pic..

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    Re: Flightsuit?

    Whoops yha I did mean to post a pic (now where did that link go?) arrghhhhhhhh

    Here it is... Khaki - US Air Force Style Flight Suit - Army Navy Store Military Shop

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    Re: Flightsuit?

    403 forbidden error

    third times the charm ?

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    Re: Flightsuit?

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    Re: Flightsuit?

    I would try this - SWEET COMPANY Jumpsuits for Men

    I just bought one and using Wizardofflight flightsuit pouch patterns to add to the suit.

    You will need to find some fabric that matches at your local fabric store.

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    Re: Flightsuit?

    buy 2 jump suits to make the sleeves and pockets

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