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    Aug 1, 2010, 3:12 PM - First ESB Fett WIP #1

    Hey TDH, I'm Austin. I've been working on getting my Fett together for about 8 months now so I figure I ought to put up some WIP pics for you guys by now. I'm working on an ESB Fett and trying to scratchbuild as much as I can to keep costs down and just cause I like to build stuff ;D. I've had to give in and buy a few things recently to try to meet my Dcon completion goal, but most of the stuff is handmade. Anyway, on with the pics!

    My armor is cut from Sintra using WOF's large templates. I molded it with a heat gun and I'm in the middle of the paint-up, using rattlecans and masking fluid.

    Primed and Silvered ready for masking and paint

    My backplate, the bane of my existence. Still have to fix the shoulder to match the curve of my collar armor and get the shoulder to fall at the proper angle. Also needs some trimming down to hide the warping from the molding process, not to mention cutting and molding of the jetpack slots still to be done.

    My cod made of Sintra and Bondo, still needing much sanding and a good coat of paint

    My scratchbuilt cardboard bucket. Still so much sanding to be done, but I'm proud of it so far. Took forever to make: built from WOF templates to movie specs and built using Antman's tutorial on TDH

    [img ][/img]

    Purchased this RuffkinToy gaunt kit cheap. It was drybrushed poorly and put together mostly with epoxy. I recieved it unassembled. I've molded the gaunts back into shape (they were pretty distorted) and plan on fiberglassing the insides. The resin pieces all have to be repainted as do the gaunt cuffs. I plan on attaching the resin greeblies with the screw/ nut method.

    And the last of the hard parts, my shin tools. Very much a WIP using sintra and more WOF templates, man I love that guy. You may notice there is no jetpack pictured here; don't worry I noticed too... I haven't even approached that monster yet.

    And now for the soft parts,

    One of the first things I started was the flightsuit. It's scratchbuilt: made from an automotive jumpsuit I modified. I hemmed the collar, made long sleeves with a homemade pattern, made the pouches myself with more WOF templates, and made the ankle straps and shin pockets by hand. The legs were taken in some to fit tighter, more like to movie, and the cuffs and leg hems have accurate stitching details, The whole thing is faded with spraypaint (bleach had no effect on the poly/cotton blend) and still needs to be weathered some.

    I bought this flak vest from a TDH member for a good price, it's pretty thick in the front and attaches with velcro in the rear. All mocked up and ready for armor attachment and weathering.

    Here's my ESB cape, I purchased it from Woodman on TDH and it's of great quality. He did the weathering.

    My first attempt at making my own gloves from WOF templates. Still have a long way to go, these look like mittens sewn by a third grader but I learned a lot about how gloves are made

    My ammo belt and girth belt, the girth was purchased in the same deal with my flak vest. The buckles are accurate and it's a great prop. The ammo belt I made myself from Batninja's tutorial on TDH. It's made from vinyl glued over wood blocks. I did all the stiching on the pouches and belt and it's as screen accurate as I'm capable of. Still needs some weathering.

    [img ][/img]

    Wookie braids made from doll hair. Thrown in with my girth, flak purchase. Nothing special but the ends were less crimped looking than my braids, so I'm using the purchased set.

    Got some paint on the chest pieces and collar! I think it looks pretty good, I still need to hit it with a coat of flat clearcoat but first I need to handpaint the insignia and do a bit of topical scratch damage. I dulled it down a bit already with some steel wool but it still has a bit of gloss left ( I had to use Satin paint). Things are going according to plan... Mwahahah!


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    Aug 1, 2010, 3:13 PM - Re: First ESB Fett WIP #2

    AH! None of the pics worked... I'll fix it tonight, I have no time right now.

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    Aug 26, 2010, 2:30 PM - Re: First ESB Fett WIP #3

    nice armor
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    Apr 19, 2012, 3:24 AM - Re: First ESB Fett WIP #4

    Here's a shot of the first outing in my Fett and wearing my Jodo helmet (Fett is away on commission)

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