First boba fett costume from scratch

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    First boba fett costume from scratch

    HI I have been working on a Boba Fett RTOJ costume for some time know I work 4 days on and 4 off then 4 on 3 of so all my time off i have been working on my costume. I am posing to get some feed back. Be honest in what you think looks good and what looks bad its my first on so i kind think of it as i will always make modifications to it to make it better. Right know i have most of the chest armor semi done as well as the shoulder painted and ready for decals i plan on doing most of the weathering when I have most of everything done.

    This the Paint I used
    I primed everything and then gave it a silver mattalic coat
    I then once it dried used a liquid latex masking to do the chips in the paint
    Please be honest and let me know what you think. I have enlisted the help of my mom on the flight suit and vest and pictures of it will come once I take some.
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    Re: First boba fett costume from scratch

    Honestly I think that`s a quite good looking and promising start.
    I`d like to pay tribute to everybody who meets the challenge to build his costume completely by himself! Of course, the comparison to "professional built" armor parts is difficult. But you are trying to do your best and as long as you are happy with the results it`s absolutely OK.
    In the end, when it`s finished it may not be called accurate but anyway you`ll have the right to be very proud!
    So keep on going.

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    Re: First boba fett costume from scratch

    Just being honest here, yes you are off to a good start, some things I can see:
    1. The ab plate looks a little tall, but it could just be the angle of the pictures.
    2. The chest pieces look a little crimped on the sides, although you did a great job getting them shaped from a flat sheet.
    3. The green looks a little too glossy, but may dull out a bit after a little weathering.

    All in all its a fine start, Fett is a journey, dont rush it, and in the end, regardless of what anyone says, if you are happy, its perfect. Good luck on your adventure.

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    Re: First boba fett costume from scratch

    Hi. Colors great. Apart from what being said above great work done! When you dullcoat everything the gloss goes away. Is there a hole in the center diamond? That part needs to be painted as well. Keep on going and the result will amaze yourself

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    Re: First boba fett costume from scratch

    Hey thanks for the comments and honesty thats why I did this thread so when i go to make modifications to it in the future i know what to look for.

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    This is a really good start especially for your first build. I agree with the others, though. I'm sure once you do some weathering, the gloss will become way less apparent. Stoked to see your progress!!
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    Re: First boba fett costume from scratch

    Yeah Man your correct, this is what it’s all about! Jumping in having fun and learning as we go.
    Great Start and only going to get better from here
    on right

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