First Boba Fett Armor

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    First Boba Fett Armor

    Hey everyone. I'm new to the costuming world. I went to a MiniComicon last year. I had a cheap Boba Fett shirt with a helmet. People knew who I was but I didn't like the pictures that I saw after of me with people. So I'm deciding to go back but want a legit outfit. I would prefer it be made from scratch and not a kit. I'm on a medium sized budget so nothing overly done is going to be attempted. I just want it to be good enough to pass an inspection of who people think I am. Any tips and tricks are appreciated. Thanks y'all

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    Re: First Boba Fett Armor

    Welcome. If you are doing a scratch build there are lots of good information here on that. I went with a scratch build myself & am nearing completion. It is a huge undertaking but very gratifying in the end knowing you made it yourself. Check out some of my threads but there are many more. Good luck with your build.

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