Finally..some progress!!!

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    I finally had a chance to work on my blaster a bit. I chiselled out the recess for the stock. The connector piece I made at work from aluminum using WOF's templates (THANKS!). I am going to paint it black.then rough up the edges with "wear" it.

    The stock itself a buddy made for me (THANKS!).

    Here are a couple pics
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    Re: Finally..some progress!!!

    Looking great bud! Aweome job. Was it a kit?

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    Re: Finally..some progress!!!

    Thanks buddy,

    It was a kit, but I "upgraded" the stock and connector.

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    Re: Finally..some progress!!!

    Finished my Fett Blaster last night!! I am missing one greeblie (anyone have a spare?!?!?!).

    I can't wait to see how my 1:1 Fett looks with it tonight!
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    Re: Finally..some progress!!!

    Looks awesome nice Work!!!

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