fett pistol found

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    fett pistol found

    just looking at a thread posted by darthvedder321 there and he had what looks to me like a pretty acurate side arm pistol.,going by pics i have seen it looks almost exact(or as near to it as you will probably get).upon looking at this i realised i have the exact same one in my loft(which will be making an appearance to my study tonight me thinks) it was a gun from an old tv game made by BINATONE from way back early eighties i think. anyone back me up on this?
    cheers paul t

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    Re: fett pistol found

    pics ?

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    Re: fett pistol found

    i'm guessing you're talking about the esb sidearm? afaik, that's been a found item for a while, it's a nimrod harpoon gun. but i don't know the esb suit very well, so i may be wrong.

    also, shouldn't this be in the blaster section, not armor?

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    Re: fett pistol found

    Exactly... wrong section mate ...

    And about the gun.. yes, it was a speargun... not the one you mean (it's NOT a game gun).


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    Re: fett pistol found

    Was it decided conclusively that the ESB sidearm was a speargun?
    I know the Bespin Security blaster was built from a Nemrod speargun, but I thought the Boba sidearm was still debated.

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    Re: fett pistol found

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