Fett Helmet

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    Fett Helmet

    What is my best bet to buying a finished helmet? I would try the Cargo Hold but I don't have permissions to post.

    I am not artistic in the least so making one myself would be a train wreck.

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    Re: Fett Helmet

    Drop me an email, I can help you out bobamaker@gmail.com


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    Bobamaker makes quality gear! I have a lot of his gear and a lot on order

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    Re: Fett Helmet

    My first lid was one of DAZ's great lid and he has done great work for others here. other makers that offer just lids are ASOK and FP then at that point you would need to commission someone to paint it.

    Welcome to the boards.

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    Re: Fett Helmet

    I would highly recommend BobaMaker, one of the most respected makers out there! I am about to put a huge order in his direction from his rep and the stuff I have seen. Although, I have got an ASOK (a member on here) helmet and I have found it AMAZING, I had to paint it myself, but I love it. I was scared about painting it myself, but ater reading a few threads on here, my helmet is one of the proudest things I have done in my life :P

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