Fett ESB Armor Repaint

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    Fett ESB Armor Repaint

    Hey all,

    I am working on a repaint (I previously painted everything with hunt club green and not spruce green....doh! The partially painted piece is the hunt club green for comparison) and just wanted to check in and see if any one may have a tip of two. First, does anyone have a good method to strip old paint? I have been using Purple Power, which seems to work somewhat, but still requires a lot of sanding and buffing afterwards to get the remainder of the paint off. Here is where I am right now with the repaint.

    Secondly, I wanted to know how dark to go with the EE3 blaster gun stock. I hit it with some cherry stain, let it sit for about 2 hours or so, then did some dark walnut on it. Think it could use another soak in both colors? And is there a recommended way of sealing the stock once completed?

    P.S. Just realized it is on red background.... may make it a bit difficult to see the color. I personally think it is a bit too light.

    Thanks all,

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    Re: Fett ESB Armor Repaint

    Thats awesome.

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