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    Mar 13, 2008, 12:26 AM - fett decals for sale` #1

    hey guys, i went and got some fett deacls made up, and it ended up cheaper for me to get a whole m2 of them instead of a few that i was already getting, so i have a few left over, if any one wants any ill sell them 5 US each, 10 for the pair, or 15 for a set of all 3 + postage, im in australia and these decals have got UV protection to last up to 3 years in our harsh sunlight so they should not fade for a very long time. anyone interested send me a pm, and ill get back to you, here is the pics i have of them. they are uncut so need a little trimming, i was told if i want die cut ones that it will be a little more, so maybe next time if i get some more.

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