Female Armor Template?

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    Female Armor Template?

    Does anyone have a template for the female armor? I have been searching the internet for some but no luck The Mando Mercs have great pix but no template that can find there either. So if some one has them let me know.


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    Re: Female Armor Template?

    I'd be interested too...I'm working on something similar to this for my soon to be wife.

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    Re: Female Armor Template?

    Just make sure you post lots of pics when you're done .

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    Re: Female Armor Template?

    You're not the 1st to say that...

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    Re: Female Armor Template?

    No kidding.

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    Re: Female Armor Template?

    Unfortunately, female templates are just about non-existent because of the diversity of the female body. I have some templates, but they are for metal armor only, and if your willing to use metal for them then I have no problem sending them to you. They are small plates and will fit up to a C-cup.

    The white one is my girlfriend in her armor, and thats the armor at a B size. The purple is her roommate, and her armor is made for a C.

    There is another alternative, and that is bending a normal male chest plate in the center so it follows the curve of her chest. I've seen a few done this way, and it works well if the bend fits the chest properly.

    Let me know if you want those patterns and I'll fax or copy and mail them to you.

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    Re: Female Armor Template?

    Good to know that you can bend the male armor. I may have to have my husband try that, because I have also had trouble finding female armor templates.

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    Re: Female Armor Template?

    I purchased a mannequin torso from a shop here in Las Vegas. It already has the "cup" for the ta*ta's was very affordable and i'm sure the company would ship. Very high quality plastic and comes in base color of nude, black or white

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    Re: Female Armor Template?

    I just had a friend help me make female armor like the Fem Fett statue. We did a plaster cast of my chest from neck to belly button. Then poured the armor about a week after it dried. Cut formed and sanded it. Here is the finished product. I wanted to do the mannequin but they don't make them large enough for me.

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