Extra Jumpsuit?

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    Extra Jumpsuit?

    Hi, I can't post on the cargo hold yet but I got an extra Fett ESB jumpsuit. About medium sized. Email me at filmjunkie2000@hotmail.com for pics and price if you are interested.



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    Re: Extra Jumpsuit?

    Hi El Fett,

    There are reasons for the limitations when you are a new member to TDH. You may want to check with the Admin Staff to make sure you can post a sale.


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    Re: Extra Jumpsuit?

    Sorry about that. Can somebody move this over to the cargo hold for me then? I'm legit, I've been a part of the 501st for several years. I just need to unload some of these extras and I figured what better place than with my fellow fetts.

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    Re: Extra Jumpsuit?

    If nothing else, keep posting and then you can get into the cargo hold *smile *

    What other costumes do you have? What garrison are you in?

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    So I just need to keep posting to unlock the different areas


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    Re: Extra Jumpsuit?


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