ESB Utility pouch thickness

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    ESB Utility pouch thickness

    Ok so I've seen various pouch thicknesses for the utility pouches and really need to build mine up. They are kinda flat and lifeless.


    I like the really rectangular looking pouches. How does everybody else fill out their utility pouches or make them look really thick? I was considering some sort of styrene insert or laminated cardboard.



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    Re: ESB Utility pouch thickness

    Upholstery foam inserts. If you want that squarish, ESB look, that's what I use. Get them at Walmart in sewing section in something like 24x24x1 sheets. Same stuff you'd use for Stormtrooper helmet "star foam" inserts. Might take double thickness to fully pad out the pouch.

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    Re: ESB Utility pouch thickness

    Awesome thanks! Yeah I just had somebody else tell me foam inserts as well. I don't know why I didn't think of something that simple.

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    Re: ESB Utility pouch thickness

    Yep, what Madmartigan said.

    If you have a Joann's in your neck of the woods, you can also find these: Airtex Foam Chairpads-1'' High Density (they also come in a 2" size). I didn't pick up these per se, but the Joann's out here had some short end foam stock that I was able to get for about the same price.

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