ESB Shoulder Rattlecan Color?

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    ESB Shoulder Rattlecan Color?

    Is there a difference between the ESB and ROTJ shoulder armor yellow? I see a post about the ROTJ color but nothing specific to ESB. It's looking "schoolbus yellow" to me, and dang if I can't find this in a spray can.


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    Re: ESB Shoulder Rattlecan Color?

    hey, i used Krylon paints...pumpkin orange misted with safety yellow on the right shoulder (more orange in color, and make sure the last coat is mostly orange), and the left shoulder i used the safety yellow with the orange misted in, very mostly the yellow on the left...yes, they are different in color...

    in between all the coats, i also did some light misting with satin black as well...hope that helps...

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    Re: ESB Shoulder Rattlecan Color?

    here's a link to some pics of my shoulder armor...

    they are somewhere in that thread...

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