ESB Rifle

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    ESB Rifle

    Hello all and happy holidays.

    Anyone know where I can find an MPP flash? Any Suggestions? Can't find any on ebay.


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    Re: ESB Rifle

    the only place i know is a working replica....
    hope this helps you out..... i bought a couple of heilands after seeing that there were conversions to a MPP... so after buying them i found that they are no longer available..that was for lightsabres... as far as a blaster i thought they used a heiland... if if was MPP it is so stripped down that the heiland looks identical the only differance i see between the two are the shroud and the clamp.... the tubes themselves are pretty much the same including the holes.

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    Re: ESB Rifle

    You can make one out of a sink tube, or out of a piece of PVC tube.I remember some time ago a member here posted measurements of an MPP.

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