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    Nov 6, 2010, 12:14 PM - ESB Paintjob on ROTJ Gauntlets - WDW Star Wars Weekends 2006 #1

    Let me start by thanking all of the great members on this board. What a phenomenal resource TDH is! I have been a lifelong Star Wars fan and a die hard Boba Fett fan since ESB hit the screen in 1980. In 2006 my family visited Walt Disney World for a vacation, which happened to coincide with the Star Wars weekend. This coincidence was totally unexpected but really exciting for a fan such as myself. One of my Favorite photos was me with Boba Fett.

    Before joining TDH I had no real grasp of the variations of the Fett costume. I dug trough my old computer and found me with Fett at WDW during this 2006 vacation. I was surprised to find that he was wearing an ESB helmet, ESB ammo pouches, ESB jetpack, ESB EE-3,ROTJ ankle spats, and an ESB paintjob on his gauntlets. However, close inspection revealed that the left gauntlet clearly had the ROTJ "cleaner" enclosed flame unit. I will try to post the photo soonest. The ESB paintjob is my favorite, but I really liked the cleaner lines of the ROTJ gauntlets.

    Does anyone have any insight into this variation? I think I really like it. I should note that this costume was on the OFFICIAL WDW/Disney Hollywood Studios Boba Fett Character escorted by a WDW cast member and posed in front of a back drop near Tatooine Traders. Comments or thoughts?
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    Nov 6, 2010, 12:23 PM - Re: ESB Paintjob on ROTJ Gauntlets - WDW Star Wars Weekends 2006 #2

    I have a print from CV like that as well...its not cannon. But I think Ive also seen it in a comic that way before...Im pretty sure Mark Bradley made the "official" WDW Boba Fett suits but I know when I saw the last one it was ROTJ no ESB...that could have been a FL501st member trooping?

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