ESB Jumpsuit

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    ESB Jumpsuit

    Hey guys. I have just realised that my jumpsuit is grey. It should be blue... I would rather not dye one as that costs a lot and I don't have a house anymore :'( does anyone know where I can buy a ESB jumpsuit?

    This is mine:

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    Re: ESB Jumpsuit

    Wouldn't it cost more to buy a new jump suit than to dye the one you already have?

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    Re: ESB Jumpsuit

    I dyed mine from grey to blue cost me $5 just sayin...RIT Dye evening blue

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    Re: ESB Jumpsuit

    Did the same thing here... RIT Evening Blue. Just keep in mind what the fabric is made of. Cotton will take the dye very well. A cotton blend should too. Polyester won't take the dye well.

    Who made your jumpsuit? Mine is Ladysew4us and it was originally a grayish color and took the dye very vell. Good luck!

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    Re: ESB Jumpsuit

    I bought mine from Boba Maker, it took a few months to get it though.

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