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    Re: ESB Fett WIP

    Collar plate right out of the wrapper.

    Got my vest and chest display in today, pics once I can wear them properly.

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    Re: ESB Fett WIP

    Finished up my left shoulder today minus the decals. and then I black washed the shoulder, my left chest, my kidney, and my collar.

    Outdoor lighting:

    Also, I think I found an appropriate color for the gauntlets and helmet. What do the Boba guys think of this?

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    Re: ESB Fett WIP

    It's been a busy day.

    All the new pieces:

    The whole shabang so far:

    Color test of the shoulders:

    An up close of my right shoulder:

    I reckon some decals need orderin..

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    Re: ESB Fett WIP

    Paint your decals, you'll be happy you did later. The effect is much better. I stencil'd mine, let me know if you need any advice on how to do that. RafalFett has some nice templates up in the armor section.

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    Re: ESB Fett WIP

    Nice work so far!! The backplate's gonna be a hard road to overcome, but it looks like you have everything under control. Great paint so far, especially with the gauntlet to chest armor comparison.

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    Re: ESB Fett WIP

    Filled the detail on the gaunt, and added the back piece! i'll take better pics tomorrow.

    Also did the decal for the left shoulder. This is out of the wrapper, and not weathered yet.

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    Re: ESB Fett WIP

    What are you using for the backplate? You could probably make your knees with big enough pipe if you make them with two pieces. Seen some ABS and FG that were two pieces.
    Looking outstanding so far. So you three leveled the paint? Silver, yellow, then the green with the masking fluid correctly applied in between?

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