Ee3 Hotshot Blaster Help Needed

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    Ee3 Hotshot Blaster Help Needed

    I have a 3rd-hand blaster that I got when I picked up my ROTJ Fett. It was listed as "Maker Unknown." I have since determined that it is a "Hotshot" foam blaster. It does not look like the pictures that I've seen here, and it is not in very good shape. It is fairly pitted and some of the foam looks like it's pulling apart a bit. Additionally, the scope had ripped off, and was repaired with hot glue. Finally, I've noticed that it is VERY flexible, particularly between the stock and barrel. While I expect some amount of flex with a foam model, this is flexible enough that it noticeably shakes with fairly minor movement.

    So...wanted some opinions. Is this salvageable (and if so, any good ideas for fixes), or should I look for another blaster?

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    Re: Ee3 Hotshot Blaster Help Needed

    Yikes. That's rough man. I would look toward a sidewinder or Stormrider gun. That's about as cheap as you'll get and still have quality.

    I picked up a Hyperfirm myself and it is one of the most durable pieces I own.

    Good luck no matter what you decide!

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    Re: Ee3 Hotshot Blaster Help Needed

    wow that is ROUGH. It CAN be salvaged, but honestly, i think the amount of time and work you put into it would likely not be worth it. Plus with the foam, repairs may not stay put.

    I suggest stormrider or sidewinder for a kit or just looking for a built one as Jodo mentioned.

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    Re: Ee3 Hotshot Blaster Help Needed

    Thanks for the advice...unfortunately, you are saying the same things I was thinking. Whatever I do needs to be budget-friendly right now. I love Hyperfirm (I have two of his BFGs), but 500+ is a bit much right now. Might try to swing a Sidewinder, though.

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    Re: Ee3 Hotshot Blaster Help Needed

    Put some TLC into the Ee3 with a lot of help from a garrison mate, and this the fruits of our labor. I think this may actually work for a while until I can get a new one.

    We added a steel rod though the stock and body, a steel rod in the scope, trimmed and reseated the scope (it's not perfect, but it'll do), and touched up and weathered the whole blaster. All things considered, think it came out fairly well. The weathering doesn't show up that well in the pics, but in person it looks fairly good.

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    Re: Ee3 Hotshot Blaster Help Needed

    Much better! Nice job!

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    Re: Ee3 Hotshot Blaster Help Needed

    All the thanks go to Dale Henry in Garrison Tyrannus. He has helped me paint and weather some of my armor parts, he and his brother fitted my suit, and he did most of the work on the Ee3. Very generous with his talents.

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    Re: Ee3 Hotshot Blaster Help Needed

    Wow, nice repair!

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