DVH's ROTJ armor commission for Verbal21

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    DVH's ROTJ armor commission for Verbal21

    This isnt done yet, but i thought id post this up for Verbal and everyone to see so far. The armor is IOA(RKD). It is very nice.

    Paints used:
    Primer and silver undercoat are implied here. Armor was masked for the silver damage, and sprayed with testors gloss yellow. I sprayed a coat of krylon matt finish. I removed the masking. Then the Yellow(and silver) damage was masked and sprayed with rustoleum spruce green and then with rustoleum Hunt club green. (masking was added between the spruce green and the hunt club green on the ab plate. Krylon Matt finish was again sprayed. I lightly scratached the armor randomly just to get a worn look. Not very deep at all, just surface scuff basically.

    I will be misting the armor with krylon black primer and the hunt club green to get the correct ROTJ look and to dull down the yellow.

    The knees and shoulders were masked for silver damage and spayed with Krylon 1813 OSHA safety yellow. the mask was removed. The safety yellow(and silver) was masked and then the knees and shoulders were sprayed with Krylon Equiptment yellow, and misted with the testors yellow. I also used an airbrush and sprayed on floquill rust to get the look of the shoulder i saw in screen caps. All mask was removed.

    I think the gauntlets are cuckblack, and made of fiberglass. They were previously painted by Saint_nasty but due to the way i assembled them, i pretty much ruined the paint, so they needed to be repainted. I added hinges and clips similar to MOW's. I will add one of my rockets as the cuckblack one shattered when i tried to attach it.

    Paints used:
    These were sanded and primed black. Then sprayed silver with testors chrome. I then masked the silver damage and sprayed krylon black primer. and then krylon fusion red pepper. then removed the mask. Misted with an airbrush in some spots with the floquil rust.

    These will also be misted with a little bit of the black primer to complete.

    Im not a fan of the claret wine color alot of people use for the gaunts. When i look at screen caps, they look blantantly red to me...dark dirty red, but red. That wine color is very purple and IMO it just doesnt look right.

    All the damaged is based off of screen shots. I wanted the look of the damage from the film rather than the screen used LFL archive/touring suit in its current state with even more damage.
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    Re: DVH's ROTJ armor commission for Verbal21

    What a way to kick off my week, if that's how good they look like, I can't imagine how awesome it'll be once you're actually finished

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    Re: DVH's ROTJ armor commission for Verbal21

    looking awsome bro!

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    Re: DVH's ROTJ armor commission for Verbal21

    Really like your guantlets

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    Re: DVH's ROTJ armor commission for Verbal21

    Nice work as usual!

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    Re: DVH's ROTJ armor commission for Verbal21

    Thanks guys!

    I need to add the lil silver rectangle on the right gaunt near that ovailish thingy..and get a rocket on the left one. Not a huge fan of the cuckblack gaunts..they have a bunch of little inaccuracies, but they arent bad. The hinge, as most of you know, isnt accurate, but i feel its the best thing for actual use. The clips can sometimes be a paint to unclip, but i think knowing they are on securely is the best thing for piece of mind.

    Just ordered decals from Lucksy31 for this set as well...cant wait to get em on there and do the final weathering! You may have a hard time prying this set from my hands Verbal haha!

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    Re: DVH's ROTJ armor commission for Verbal21

    Dang you cranked that out pretty quick Lou! You've been busy lol Very nice work my friend!

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    Re: DVH's ROTJ armor commission for Verbal21

    haha Thanks man! Yea i pretty much have no life, so this is what i do almost every weekend lol. Still need to do the backplate. Buttplate is done, just didnt picture it for some reason. Im estimating Verbals stuff being done next weekend..less the weathering/assembly of softparts that arent here yet

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    Re: DVH's ROTJ armor commission for Verbal21

    The armor paint is done. less a few minor details and adjustments! My camera is sucky so it didnt really pic up the weathering so much in my house lighting, but alas, it is there! The cod , butt, and back are also finished, but the batteries died in my camera...so picks of those later. So at this point, until the rest of his stuff comes in, this is done

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    Re: DVH's ROTJ armor commission for Verbal21

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    Re: DVH's ROTJ armor commission for Verbal21

    Wow, that looks fantastic. I have to ask, how much do you charge for an armor paint job?

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    Re: DVH's ROTJ armor commission for Verbal21

    Thanks man,
    All you need to know can be found right here :

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    Re: DVH's ROTJ armor commission for Verbal21

    Here is the back and the knees. Just need to paint the "rings" in the knee darts

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