Does anyone make ESB capes?

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    Does anyone make ESB capes?

    I need to get my hands on an ESB cape for my outfit.

    I looked on TK409's site and the order button underneath the ESB cape has been removed.

    Besides TK409, is there anyone else on TDH that makes ESB capes?

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    Re: Does anyone make ESB capes?

    I just got one from Mrs. TK409 - send them an email I'm sure they'll be able to accommodate you.

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    Re: Does anyone make ESB capes?

    Yeah, TK409 makes awesome looking ROTJ and ESB versions. I e-mailed him, but never heard direct (probably too busy what with all he does). BUT, he posts about one new cape (each style) every Monday morning on eBay. I got mine this past Monday by searching under "Boba Cape". He usually posts them "Buy It Now" for $25 plus $5 shipping. You can't beat the look or the price. I got notice that mine shipped today!

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    Re: Does anyone make ESB capes?

    yeah I got my cape from TK409 (hes in my garrison) and it is amazing! Good price and fast shipping.

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