Differences between suits

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    Differences between suits

    Hi everyone. I've been doing more searching and looking at ref pix. Now I've got more questions than when I started.

    I'm making a PP2 suit, which I'm confident has a zipper and is a bluish/teal color. Question is are the PP2, ESB & ROTJ suits the same except the color?

    As always input is appreciated.

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    Re: Differences between suits

    Not, maybe PP2 and MoM flightsuit and pouches yes, but not ESB, I'm practically sure. The pouches are attached in a different way, I don't know about the flightsuit really.

    I say MoM because, if I remember well, the pouches on MoM and PP2 have the same blue strip on the "attach" part (the part wich is attached to the belt). And I can see blue zones on the MoM flightsuit, so they maybe dyed it to a RotJ color.

    So, in some words, PP2 flightsuit and pouches used for MoM.

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