Desperate for help

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    Desperate for help

    I am building my first mandolorian armor and I have hit a wall with the flak vest. I dont know how to sew and I don't know anybody else who does. Is there anybody I can buy one from, or a shortcut or something like that? I've got a month until the con I plan to wear this armor to. Please help

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    Re: Desperate for help

    Swprops, at ebay (he's also a member of this community), makes great flak vests with the neck seal sewn in and velcro already attached as well. They are tailored to size and are machine washable. I have one myself and I love it! Man of War also makes very accurate looking flak vest on ebay as well (pricey but top notch stuff. Got a jetpack from him for christmas. Best present of my life!). And Batninja I hear makes legendary vests as well. Hope this helps!

    PS. I apologize to anyone I spoke out of turn for. I speak out of experience and hear say!

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