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Delta75 - ROTJ Pack WIP

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    Re: Delta75 - ROTJ Pack WIP

    shortimer52 said: View Post
    Yup I can see why, looks like ****, its got dirt all over it and the paint is falling off. I guess I could take it off your hands this weekend and sell it for scrap or something.
    Thanks Pogo, glad I have my bro's looking out for me...

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    Re: Delta75 - ROTJ Pack WIP

    Delta75 said: View Post
    I just think I over-misted, maybe its just me.

    Thanks for the compliments guys.
    one thing you can do to scale back the misting a tiny bit (but dont over do it or it will ruin your paint job) is use a steel wool sponge on it to ligthen it up. I honsetly think its fine but if it bugs you this is an option to lighten it up.

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