My first set of braids I created using horse hair and trying to mimic some of Julie's ROTJ reference photos. Since then, I have settled into the SE Fett and an extensive upgrade project. There not much info out there that is definitive on the SE braids. However, most people generally say they are to ESB braids. The reference photos are difficult to discern and certainly there are enough off them on the SE Fett that show a good view of the braids. They seem awfully close to the ESB version, but with a few tweaks. Additionally, even the reference photos of the SE Fett seem to have slight variations.

So, taking all the threads, photos, and opinions I could get my hands on, here what I have comes up with (at least for me).

One straight grey braid that routes from the top of the shoulder, down the front, and ties in under the arm

One blonde braid that hangs over the front shoulder and trails down the back shoulder and ties into a knotted, matted mess under the arm

One black braid (or possibly dark brown) that forms a loop with a trailing tail under the arm. The black braid has a dark red (top) and dark blue (bottom) binding a few inches below the shoulder n the front side (but is largely concealed by the blonde and grey braid.

I'll post some more sep of how I got here and what I found later, but wanted to get these pictures out there so see what you guys think, before I do the final matting and shaping of the grey and black tails that hand below the arm.

I did add a black and hemp color binding at the bottom of the black loop that I could not find in any reference pictures, but i needed a tie point and I thought it looked cool.

The is the best reference photo I could find that shows the mesh under the arm.

And here's my attempt (oh...and trying to die horse hair grey/silver totally sucks)