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    1 Week Ago - Apr 26, 2015, 1:22 PM - Help. I have a new Jetpack and now I need to get this monkey on my back ... #1

    I'm almost there with my ESB Fett build.

    I've looked and searched a lot on the dented helmet site, found soft harnesses and hard harnesses and webbing and DIY kits and moans and groans and praises galore.
    Seems like everyone has a different take on how to mount this sucker on your back. I don't really NEED to have 501st accuracy, but I might as well go for broke.... so can someone suggest a how-to guide to get this thing mounted that would also go as 501st "approved" too? I would love to have something I can take off and put back on MYSELF, but let me know if you really need two people to put this on and take it off.

    I have the following thus far:

    1. Jetpack - MoW JetPack Painted (naked, never been trooped before ... looks a lot like this: )
    2. Soft harness - Nate's ole soft harness:
    3. Vest - Flak Vest with nothing in the back (slots) cut out yet.
    4. Waist belt - Web belt with Divers Buckle

    What do I need now to get this thing on my back?

    1. Do I need 4 metal clips like this screenshot Does anyone know where I could get something like these clips?
    2. Do I need stuff like DevCon plastic welder to keep it permanent or will the tiny screws in the four metal clips hold just fine?
    3. Do I need a hard harness? If so, then which would be 501st good enuff for an ESB Fett?

    Is this something I can put on and take off MYSELF?

    Kinda confused at this stage and need a pointer in the right direction.
    Thanks for any advice here.
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    Hi Tterrell

    Here is what you need for 501st.

    For 501st approval:

    • The colors for the jetpack are: medium/dark green base color with maroon and yellow accent colors with weathering that appears to expose a silver base.
    • All patterns, colors and weathering match visual references as closely as possible.
    • Jetpack has the following main components: one center tank and two side fuel tanks, "piano keys" (dark red/burgundy in color) stretching horizontally at the top of the main body on each side of the center raised strip, one center missile, two side mounted thrusters / nozzles, one beacon light and one stabilizer.
    • Jetpack sits snugly against the Back Armor hanging from two white nylon/canvas shoulder straps which exit the Back Armor through two slots located near the shoulder blades.
    • Lettering symbols and pinstriping (either hand painted or decals) match visual references as closely as possible.

    For level two certification (if applicable):

    • A white light in the beacon.
    • Jetpack is supported via two metal hooks that exit the rear of the jetpack that hang on two D-rings on white nylon/canvas shoulder straps.
    • A black webbing waist belt connected either to the pack itself or a harness worn under the vest. This belt has an accurate US Divers buckle (or replica).
    • Jetpack is secured via an accurate harness that attaches to the bottom of the pack.

    For level three certification (if applicable):

    • Jetpack has accurate Micro Mego Dental File (or cast replica) blue in color in front of stabilizer.
    • Accurate scuba tank frame with black webbing waist belt connected to include the accurate US Divers buckle (or replica).

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    1 Week Ago - Apr 26, 2015, 2:58 PM - Re: Help. I have a new Jetpack and now I need to get this monkey on my back ... #3

    I have a 3D printed harness that I like a lot. It works the same as the aluminum set ups. I like how it distributes the weight and it's quite comfortable. There is also no way I can put the jetpack on by myself.
    I can't even properly close the flak vest myself, nor get the get the aluminum bar from the harness through the slits cut in the vest (or get the straps through the backplate).
    I'm sure someone here may have figured something out, but there is no way I can attach the jetpack myself. Not sure if other harness setups are different though.

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