DarthBrik's costume progress

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    DarthBrik's costume progress

    Hello all I decided that I should put up my Boba progress (Its gonna be a haloween costume)

    First of all, I had built a paper costume for a starwars party not to long ago. Pic here http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/ro...rtwork/066.jpg The other 4 people are 501st members! Blacked out the ones face cause she wasent wearing a mask. I won the costume contest.

    I have pretty much finished the wookie scalps here http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/ro...rtwork/038.jpg

    And I sewed myself a belt pouch (thanks for the tutorial Batninja.)

    And as you can see from the first pic i have some trash can armor.

    I bought a Hasbro boba fett helmet and have started to weather it. (ill get the visor tommorow.) http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/ro...weathi/008.jpg
    Ive got more done but ill have that up tonight.

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    Re: DarthBrik's costume progress

    great job, looking good

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    Re: DarthBrik's costume progress

    Just got some more of the weathering done.

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    Re: DarthBrik's costume progress

    Just curious; are you going to modify the size of the visor/cheeks at all? If so, how are you planning to go about it? And what type of can did you use for the armor?

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    Re: DarthBrik's costume progress

    Im going to use this template http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/f23/n...emplate-38535/ (the link is at the bottom) for the visor Ill be adding plastic to the top of the visor. Ill be getting materials tommorow after noon.

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    Re: DarthBrik's costume progress

    Very cool! I'm excited to see how this turns out.

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    Re: DarthBrik's costume progress

    Well got delayed on the visor part (gotta hate those rainy days) But i got some more of the weathering done

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    Re: DarthBrik's costume progress

    It took a while but I started up school so about no free time anymore...

    But I finished it!

    I'll get those gloves done soon....

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    Re: DarthBrik's costume progress

    My grandma found a jumpsuit...

    Excuse the china plates but there it is what do you think?

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    Re: DarthBrik's costume progress

    looks like a ghostbusters jumpsuit

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    Re: DarthBrik's costume progress

    Really does it?

    I have no idea but i know it will at least look perfect to the non boba costumer....

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    Re: DarthBrik's costume progress

    It looks tan to me, but that might just be the lighting. I think you'll want either gray or light blue, depending on which Fett you're doing.

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    Re: DarthBrik's costume progress

    I havent got it yet but it a bit lighter that you think (not the best camera.)

    And i'll get a better one if i like how this costume turns out by halloween...

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    Re: DarthBrik's costume progress

    Havent updated this thread in a while but I have base coat painted my armor (except the back) and heres an awsome shoulder my bro painted the mando crest on.

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    Re: DarthBrik's costume progress

    what are you using to weather the helmet? I have that same one and was considering doing the same.

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    Re: DarthBrik's costume progress

    just generic Apple barrel acrilic paints thats all and these templetes.
    (please not that these templetes dont have the dome you'll have to use pics for that.)


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    Re: DarthBrik's costume progress

    any progress on your costume?????

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