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    5 Days Ago - Oct 2, 2015, 1:25 AM - Collar and backplate .. How do I attach a mis match? #1

    So I am at the end of my first Boba build, and while I was trying it all on the other day I ran into a problem. The collar plate and back piece won't line up. I have two sets of chest armor (one set from the cargo hold and one set a v2 boba maker.) the collar that came with back plate snapped from some stress cracks (which is a semi easy fix) but the problem with that is that that armor set doesn't fit comfortably on the boba maker flak vest I got (which honestly is my favorite of the flak vests I've seen)

    so I was hoping maybe someone had an idea for how to extend the part of the back piece or collar so that I can drill new holes and make them connect, and possibly take some of the stress off the two perhaps by attaching them with some Velcro to the vest to help carry the load?)

    any my help would be great because honestly after so much money and time I really want to get it all wrapped up for Halloween and episode 7

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    4 Days Ago - Oct 2, 2015, 7:29 PM - Re: Collar and backplate .. How do I attach a mis match? #2

    Post some pics, it'll make it easier to see how to fix.
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    4 Days Ago - Oct 2, 2015, 8:45 PM - Re: Collar and backplate .. How do I attach a mis match? #3

    I had gotten RKD's armor & had to extend the area on the back plate that attaches to the collar cause I am a little thick in the upper back area & the collar piece would have been choking me. I had to do this so that the armor would fit & be comfortable on me.

    I took some pieces of plastic & epoxied them to the underside of the back plate & had the stick out the distance I wanted added, which was about 1 inch. This was I was able to put screws up through the back plate & allowed the collar piece to over lap like it is suppose to. I had to heat the added pieces some to form them to match up with the back plate, used a heat gun to do this. Heated up the pieces & got them malleable & then held them against the underside of the back plate. Don't heat the back plate, just the additional pieces, so that you don't warp or deform the back plate.

    The photos you can see the added pieces before painting. Used Bondo to blend in the transition, I sanded down the transition so that I had just a thin layer of Bondo. I don't have real close up photos of it while suited up but there is one that is directly from the back showing how I have the spacing of the back plate & the collar. If you zoom in on the side view you can see how the back plate goes under the collar.
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