Cod Template?

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    Cod Template?

    I used the search. What I found was a year old and have 0 images, so, please dont tell me to use the search feature. I need a cod and butt plate templates. Anyone?

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    Re: Cod Template?

    I used Phantom Viper templates for all my armor, and they're great!

    Here's a link to that thread, the cod is among them-

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    Re: Cod Template?

    you can also look for Wizard of Light's temps, they're awesome!

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    Re: Cod Template?

    [font=Arial]Here are the links to both the Boba and Jango Armor templates. The Boba’s include the cod and butt templates and Jango’s has just the cod.[/font]

    [font=Arial]Hope they help.[/font]

    [font=Arial]Boba Fett Armor Templates[/font]

    [font=Arial]Jango Fett Armor Templates[/font]

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