Cod/butt attachment...

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    Cod/butt attachment...

    I've been wondering how you all have been attaching your cod/butt pieces together... I've got the pic below from the MoM exhibit pics but am wondering about everyone else...

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    Re: Cod/butt attachment...

    I did mine the MoM way. I wouldn't do it any other way.


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    Re: Cod/butt attachment...

    mine didn't quite reach around enough to overlap

    so i have the studs in the front part, and the front and rear are butted up to each other and held with velcro.

    a couple more inches off the waist line and i'll be doing it the mom way.

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    Re: Cod/butt attachment...

    Mine is just like that exhibit piece. I have the metal studs with bolts holding it on. I call it my Mandalorian Chastity Belt.

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