"Clint Eastwood in Space" Boba Fett's ESB spurs

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    "Clint Eastwood in Space" Boba Fett's ESB spurs

    I'm sure many of us have seen the video of the prototype supertrooper Fett including the interview with Duwayne Dunham and Ben Burtt. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about the video can be found here: StarWars.com | Meet Boba Fett

    It's clear from the audio of the banquet confrontation scene in Cloud City as well as from this interview that ESB Boba wore spurs, though you never got to see them on-screen and no visual reference seems to exist for this. Have any of you TDHers ever tried to research these spurs and are there any ESB Fetts who troop with spurs?

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    Re: "Clint Eastwood in Space" Boba Fett's ESB spurs

    It's just a sound effect... meant to have a psychological impact. They did not intend for it to literally indicate actual real spurs on the character. As such, there were never spurs on the screen costume. However, I understand people have put coins or washers in their pockets to get a similar sound when they troop.

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    Re: "Clint Eastwood in Space" Boba Fett's ESB spurs

    If going the spur-sound route with a costume, I'd put the noise-makers-of-choice in the shin pockets so the sound at least seems to come from the right location.

    Has anyone ever thought to ask Ben Burtt if he'd be willing to divulge the source of the "telemetry sound" for us? Maybe he might even make it available.

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    Re: "Clint Eastwood in Space" Boba Fett's ESB spurs

    Well that would certainly make sense, with Burtt being the sound tech. I just interpreted Duwayne's remark "Boba Fett wore spurs; Ben put spurs on him" in a more literal sense rather than Ben being responsible for the addition of the sound clip in post production.

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